Lyon – The City of Light

Lyon is the 3rd largest city in France. If you want a very relax trip, I would recommend a 3 day visit at Lyon. But if you have limited time, I think 2 days in Lyon is quite good as well.

For first time visitors, the first place you should go is the Visitor’s Center at Bellecour Metro. From here, you can purchase 3 day pass (39Euro)  or 2 day pass (29Euro) or 1 day pass(19Euro). They call it the LCC. With this pass, you can take unlimited public transport, unlimited entries to most musuems, one guided tour at the old town, and a boat ride along the Saone river.

With this pass, I would definitely recommend the guided tour at Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon). This is a long walk in the old town, but the tour guide will tell you a lot of the history of Lyon. And also show us some of the secret walkways, called the traboules. There are so much history in this place, and it is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Here is a picture in the old town. Notice the tall towers, as Lyon is known also for its silk.


And you can take a tram up the Fourviere hill, where Lyon was founded 43BC by the Romans. There you will see the Basillica. A very nice building. And from here, you can see the Lyon city. It is beautiful both in the day and at night. I would also recommend to walk down the hill. It is a very nice relaxing walk with very nice scenery. Below is a picture of the Basillica

For the musuems, I would recommend the Art Musuem at Hotel De Ville Metro Station. They have quite a number of good sculptures & paintings. Here is a picture of an enormous painting.

Besides the Art Musuem, I would recommend the Musuem of the Contemporary Arts near the Parc de la Tete. Some of the art pieces are very interesting, but I must add some are pretty crude too. Anyway, after the musuem, you can have a nice relaxing stroll on the park. Also, the architecture here is very different (more modern).

Below are 2 pictures taken in the morning markets. I find the art market very nice, and the cheese stall very unique.


Here is a picture of the city at night. Apparently the tower is a prototype for the Eiffel tower. The church along the river is St Johns Church. This is also a place not to be missed if you visit Lyon.

For more pictures, check out this link.


Visit Kota Bahru – Malaysia

Kota Bahru, is the capital of State Kelantan in Malaysia. This state has been ran by opposition party PAS for many many years. And naturally, there has not been much funding from the federal government to develop this state. I was quite surprised to be told that Kota Bahru is actually the most populated city in the east coast, about half a million. And seems to me that there is definitely a lot of opportunities for growth here.

In terms of tourism, the most popular beach in Kota Bahru – Pantai Cahaya Bulan as seen in the pictures below, can be developed further. This could be a potential business for water sports activities, or a beautiful relaxing place for people to unwind in the city of Kota Bahru with half a million population.

The shops along the beach are currently restaurants, which are good for a hang out and eating place. Further development can make this a great night spot for kelantan.

I also had the chance to visit Rantau Panjang, a small town across Sungai Golok at the Thailand-Malaysia Border. This town is mainly a place where many locals would come to shop for cheap items, eg: clothing, local tidbits, home decoration, etc. It is like a Petaling Street in Kota Bahru. A place where tourist can buy some stuff back home for their family, friends & colleagues.