My Joke of The Year – Best Phone Prank Ever!


Stock Market Psychology

Recently, the stock market has been dorminating the headlines. My friend just sent me this picture which I thought was funny, at the same time thought provoking. Am I like that? Which stage am I at now? To see a clearer picture, click on the link here.

The Best Investment now for You

I just picked this up from digg. Cool!!!

Just to add on, if you bought $1000 worth of Lehman Brothers Share, you would have nothing now.

Drink beer, and recycle!

How is Management related to Employees?

Environmentally Friendly BOMB!

To make safer, more environmentally friendly explosives, scientists in Germany turned to a recently explored class of materials called tetrazoles. These derive most of their explosive energy from nitrogen instead of carbon as TNT and others do… (source)

Here is a video of an experiment of this new “Environmentally Friendly BOMB”.

Lets say that again – “Environmentally Friendly” + “BOMB”

This could well be the oxymoron of the year.

I wonder what drove this group of scientists to develop this kinda bomb, but it did give me a good laugh when I read about the article. Who in the right mind considers the environment, when he/she decides to bomb and destroy people/home/country? I just cannot see how does destruction of people/home/country somehow equate to Environmentally Friendliiness.

Try imagining environmentalist protesting against the use of traditional bombs in the event that this Environmentally Friendly Bomb is commercialized and coutries go to war. This could well happen some day in the future!

Singapore School Teaching Dating Skills to Students

During my Junior College days, my class teacher prohibited my class from having boy-girl relationships (BGR). She wants us to focus on learning and scoring As.

But times have changed! The Singapore government are actually trying to gets its citizen “to mate and multiply” by introducing a Class to Polytechnic Students – “Love Relations for LIfe: A Journey of Romance, Love and Sexuality”.

There was giggling and banter among the students, but that was all part of the course as their teacher, Suki Tong, led them into the basics of dating, falling in love and staying together….

Man, I wonder how would I score for this course.

“Teaching our youth in school how to fall in love” is a good solution, wrote Andy Ho, a senior writer at The Straits Times….

This really struck me a lot. Spoonfeeding is the basis of Singapore’s and Malaysia’s Education System, where many work on Past Year Papers, go to Tuition Centers to study Model Answers for Exam questions,etc. And now, are we resorting to “Spoonfeeding” to teach our younger generation how to fall in love? Giving our younger generation textbook solutions to fall in love, getting married, get kids, etc… Will this inhibit intuition, passion, natural forces of attraction, imagination? Is this detrimental to the relationship itself? I really do not know. But this is surely very strange to me.

Some questions that came to my mind is: Will the urge of finding the special someone and “falling in love” become artificial? Artificial, something that is cultivated by our teachers instead of driven by the forces of nature?

Over the past 25 years, the mating rituals organized by the government — tea dances, wine tastings, cooking classes, cruises, screenings of romantic movies — have been among the country’s least successful social engineering programs….

It will be interesting to see how this one goes.


Greenwash Guerillas Pied Thomas Friedman in the Face

A female audience member ran on stage last night and threw a green pie at New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who had just begun a lecture on environmentalism in Salomon 101

Thomas Friedman wrote “The World is Flat“, one my favourite non-fiction books. This book does offer an interesting perspective to what is going on in the world today, and how it affects all of us.

But I must say, he does have some perception and ideas of this world that some do not agree, and look what happened.