Arrogant, Abusive and Disruptive — and a Doctor

I read this article on NYT telling the story of how nurses are treated badly by doctors,

…every nurse has a story about obnoxious doctors. A few say they have ducked scalpels thrown across the operating room by angry surgeons. More frequently, though, they are belittled, insulted or yelled at — often in front of patients and other staff members — and made to feel like the bottom of the food chain…

To read the horror stories of these doctors, click here.

From the perspective of a customer, I am not surprised reading this article as I do have first hand experienceS with doctorS that are proud, inconsiderate, ill-tempered and to some extent heartless. Patients, even though are paying the doctors’ paycheck, have their own lives at the hands of the doctors. And often, the doctors ABUSE this, and take this as leverage and treat patients and their families without any trace of compassion and care.

Taking a step back, there could be a shortage of doctors, and these people could be very stressed up. They probably work long hours and might not be enjoying their work. But allowing these negative energy to be passed on to their patients (customers), risking the patients life and turning family members’ life upside down, to me, is weak + unethical + immoral. In my opinion, these doctors should even be subjected to law! Penalties like public trials, fines & suspension should be imposed on such doctors.

Doctors are supposed to be noble people – the life savers, making their patients lifes better, not morons who risk lifes & disturb family emotional stability with their mood swings.

Let us hope that the world will see better doctors!


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