Virtual vs. Real

An interesting news today: a lady is filing for a real life divorce after discovering her husband has an affair in Second Life virtual world.

“It may have started on-line but it existed entirely in the real world and it hurts just as much,” she said. “His was the ultimate betrayal. He had been lying to me.”

Many people indulge in Computer games, because it takes them away from reality, and allow them to live in their fantasy world, where they are allowed to be powerful wizards, warlords, football player, football manager, or even just to live a human life without the constraints or expectations of the real world.

But today we are seeing people spending so much time or so emotionally involved in the virtual world such that the virtual world has invaded the real world. We are creating another world of our own, where the rules are different, and importing these rules into the real world.

1) GTA – People bringing the game to Real Life. Robbing cars, killing people

2) WOW – People’s life invaded by the powerful character they own so much so that they feel powerless and useless in Real Life.

3) Second Life – People filing divorce and sending virtual spies into Virtual world

So what is real? Reminds me of Matrix part one. Are we spending too much time in the virtual world? What if the real world isnt a pleasant place to live in for some? But what if Virtual World can provide these people with lasting happiness? Is that possible? If yes, what will happen to the real world? Should we live in the Matrix?


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