Yes, YOU CAN Change the World!

I am not a fan of Wang Lee Hom, but Musicman 2008 at Singapore Stadium was quite an eye opener. It is because this is my first time at a live concert (and blogging abt it 1 week later). The deafening sound system, light effects, and of course Mr. Wang’s powerful voice, amazing music talent and some showmanship was very entertaining and impressive.

But what struck me most was the song – 改变自己 (my first time listening to this song, even though it prob was released some time ago). It is indeed a very refreshing song written by Wang Lee Hom himself. Amidst all this US Election Craze, I think this song is very meaningful and has become one of my favourite songs. Basically, the theme is telling the new generation of youths that we can change the world by changing ourselves. Yes, We CAN! For the lyrics of the whole song, click here (Chinese), here (English).

Here is the music. For the MTV, goto the link here. For some reason, it cannot be played on my blog. Anyhow, love the lyrics and the music, the tune. Very refreshing and meaningful. Enjoy.

Here is a video of Singapore Musicman 2008 singing 改变自己. Thought of including this video to give you feel of the electrifying atmosphere in the concert.

By the way, the video was not filmed by me. I was sitting too far away to see the performance so up close.


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