Stock Market Psychology

Recently, the stock market has been dorminating the headlines. My friend just sent me this picture which I thought was funny, at the same time thought provoking. Am I like that? Which stage am I at now? To see a clearer picture, click on the link here.


The Best Investment now for You

I just picked this up from digg. Cool!!!

Just to add on, if you bought $1000 worth of Lehman Brothers Share, you would have nothing now.

Drink beer, and recycle!

Arts Stream vs. Science Stream

I just read this article from Education in Malaysia. The author questions that

whether someone should choose a certain stream or subjects to study just because it is easier to ‘score’ in those subjects. In the Malaysian context, this usually manifest itself in the good students going predominantly to the Science stream and the poor students going predominantly to the Arts stream.

Reflecting on my own education experience, there is certain truth to the above statement. And this is sadening. If I am able to do it again, I will definitely do it differently. Not to say that I will definitely choose to do Arts, but the focus should be on discovering yourself, uncovering your talent and to search for your niche in this world, instead of matching guranttee A subjects to Examinations.

I think students nowadays are not given the freedom to explore their talents. They are bounded by fear, the fear of not getting straight As, the fear of not meeting parents expectation, fear of rejection. Without this platform of confidence, they are afraid to goto unchartered territories to self exploration, like take tough subjects, or subjects which are subjective like Economics, Literature, Chinese Studies or History. Thankfully, there are some who discover their talents at later stages of their life, like Mr. Lim Wah Guan in the article.

Well, looking forward, what can we do? Of course, a complete revamp of the education system is necessary. BUT, we also need to change our mindset towards education. Education is not just an academic excercise, like a manufacturing plant producing graduates with degrees that the society needs. It should be about discovering ourselves, realizing our talent.

Well here are some comments by the readers which I find interesting:

To many parents, it is all fine and well to pursue your dreams, as long as it can put food on the table and the reality of the matter is that the term “impoverished artiste” is not a misnomer. The sciences are a safer bet for landing a paid job as people with analytical skills are needed everywhere. Granted, we need people with creative skills too, but in far fewer numbers.


As it is, Malaysian students have been drilled to be overly obsessed with academic performance and most do not read for leisure. This means increasingly our graduates know very little more beyond their school textbooks.

US VP Debate

The highly anticipated US VP Debate! Well, I thought Sarah Palin was quite well prepared for this one. I was expecting some major “entertainment” moments from her, but it did not happened. Maybe my expectation of her was just too low that I am actually quite impressed with her performance.

Anyway, I saw this piece of joke, poking fun of our dear VP wannabe. Just for some laughter for the day. =)

Anyway, here is the link to watch the whole debate. Its 1.5 hrs long.

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