Being A Malaysian Badminton Supporter

I am a Malaysian Badminton Fan. Love Badminton, Love supporting my country. But I have noticed something about Malaysian Badminton Players.

1) They are talented. They work hard. They win titles.

2) They get rewarded handsomely, eg: Cash, Property, Datukship, etc.

3) They do not win titles anymore.

Example Number 1 – Malaysian Thomas Cup Team

Accomplishments: Won 1992 Thomas Cup

Reward: Prime Land, Lots of Cash, Celebrity Status

Result: No Malaysian Thomas Cup team has won the Thomas Cup since then. The badminton players who won the cup went into few years of slump after the heroic thomas cup.

Example Number 2 – Hafiz

Accomplishment: 2003 All England Champion

Reward: USD10,000 from Government, Prime Land

Result: Since his shocking victory at the 2003 All England Championship, he has only won 4 open Championships till now.

Example Number 3 – Koo Kien Kiat & Tan Boon Heong

Accomplishments: 2006 Asian Games Champion, Malaysia 2007 Super Series Champion, All England Champion, Swiss Open Super Series Champion, 2007 Denmark Super Series Champion

Reward: Loads of Cash from Head of states, Celebrity Status

Result: Besides winning 2007 Denmark Super Series, the doubles pair has yet to perform up to their superb standards in winning 4 out of 5 competitions in a row. They were a disapointment in the World Championship 2008, dissapointment in Thomas Cup 2008 & a dissapointment to 2008 Olympics.

Example Number 5 – Lee Chong Wei



Accomplishments: 5 Super Series Tittles (2007 Indo Open, 2007 Japan Open, 2007 French Open, 2008 Malaysian Open, 2008 Singapore Open) & Olympic Silver Medallist

Reward: Pension of RM3000 per month, RM300,000 lump sum cash, Datukship. Attended many public functions.

Result: Lost his Japan Super Series Title.

I watched the Japan Open final match. Chong Wei has no will to win at all. Is it because he has earned enough? Complacency? Or is he tired from all the public functions he is attending? Not enough training? I really do hope that Chong Wei does not follow the above examples.

Sigh, poor Malaysian Badminton Supporters.


5 Responses

  1. You’ve got same problem with Indonesian 🙂 Up and down I think is normal, so humanly. But I wonder how can Chinese, as whole team (not individually), so consistent with the achievements.

  2. Well, the achievements made by the Chinese the past 5 years in Badminton is really commendable. I really wonder how do they keep their shuttlers performing so well so consistently.

    On another note, I do admire Indonesian doubles, esp Ricky & Rexy. They have been so successful and consistent during their prime. I initially had hopes that Koo/Tan can be like them. But seems like these guys are getting too cocky and not meeting their marks…

  3. What about our Datuk Lee.. i think his prime has passed.

    I’m hoping KKK and TBH will be here to stay.. after all they are only 22 and 23.. Rexy & Ricky were great, but they only peaked after 25 if I’m not mistaken, so let’s these youngsters a chance!

    But you’re right, it’s painful being a Malaysian badminton supporter.. it tests your patience and endurance!

  4. I really hope Datuk Lee will just be focussed on Badminton Training and not all the datuk functions. I really enjoyed watching him play (when he is at his best).

    As with KKK & TBH, well as you have said, we have to be VERY patient. As with their age, they are 23 and 21 respectively.

  5. come on lee chong wei has had a hard year give him a chance, few more weeks rest and he’ll bounce back like usual i for one just want to see him win the super series master title and all england:p

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