Sarah Palin vs Charles Gibson!

I read an article on NST about Sarah Palin being interviewed by Charlie Gibson today, but it is only after I watched these two videos below, that I realized the extent to which Charlie has hammered Sarah Palin to ground zero. I wonder why would she even accept interviews like these that would really make her look so incompetent.

Watch them, and try counting how many times she said “Charlie”. Looks like an attempt to make her more superior?

I dont really know much about body language, but Sarah doesnt seem to be sitting upright. Does that mean something? Lack of confidence? And her using a lot of hand actions, a sign of inadequacy?  

Bush doctrine? Gotcha!

Russia invading a smaller democratic nation unprovoked?  Hmmm… My faint memory tells me that Georgia attacked South Ossetia that triggered the Russians to all these fight. No?

Been to only 4 countries in the world. Does she know where Singapore is?

For me, Charlie looked like a strict old father questioning his child, and innocent (& probably inexperience) Sarah frantically defending herself.

Now, imagine Bush as President, and Sarah as Vice-President. What will happen to this world?


4 Responses

  1. Not so fast on the “Bush Doctrine Gotcha”. The Bush Doctrine was coined by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, and he points out that while Palin didn’t know what it was, neither does Gibson:

  2. Not sure, I’m going to wait for the whole thing… seeing how the first bit came out of the editing room.

    That’s a lot of substantial and deliberate cuts there. Maybe they were pressed for time, and wanted to get all the questions in, but didn’t have time for answers?

    Before I rate her performance on the second two days, I’m going to wait and find out what she really said; not what ABC edited her saying.

  3. Thanks for pointing out about the Bush Doctrine. Yeah, I just realized Bush Doctrine could mean several over things. I am surprised that Charles Gibson could have got it wrong, since he had time (I assume) to prepare his questions.

    And with regards to the interview editing, ABC News does not seem to be very fond of Sarah Palin eh?

    Nevertheless, Sarah Palin as VP? Hmmm… can she really be President, (touch wood) if anything happens to McCain? And McCain aint very young eh…

  4. Check this out!

    Mr Matt Damon speaks out about Sarah Palin! Challenging whether she could be president…

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