P.A.S.S. – Recycling for Charity!

Snaped this picture of these people doing recycling for charity at Taman Megah, Malaysia!

I guess the awareness for recycling amongst our society (Malaysia & Singapore) is quite prominent, especially with all the ‘brain-washing’ during schooling days and the tv ads.

But of course, to translate these awareness into ‘green-action’, requires a favourable environment to do so. And thanks to P.A.S.S. who has volunteers to collect recycleble rubbish from the public, they provide a channel for people whom wants to be environmentally friendly to dispose their rubbish to the appropriate people who does recycling. Kudos P.A.S.S!!! Keep up the good work! For more info of P.A.S.S. click here.

Co-incidentally, there were reporters from ASTRO AEC doing a story on this recycling activity. And I got interviewed! You might see me on TV sometime!


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