American Presidential Campaign 2008

This election has been going on for a long time. Nevertheless, it still does not fail to capture my attention, as it presents you: a charismatic young man, a “gorgeous” lady & some sensational debates.

1) Obama. A young charasmatic guy, very good at delivering passionate speeches. Very nice to watch!

2) Sarah Palin. A young and “gorgeous” potential Vice President, quoted from Pakistan’s Prime Minister, who keeps screwing up on tv. Very amusing (and painful at times) to watch too! Like this one:

3) Debates! Of course the content of the arguements are more important for the people. But for spectators from afar, the back and forth attacks are exciting! Watch this one, how McCain grills Obama (first 4 minutes). Certainly looking forward to more debates, esp VP Debates.


Visit Kota Bahru – Malaysia

Kota Bahru, is the capital of State Kelantan in Malaysia. This state has been ran by opposition party PAS for many many years. And naturally, there has not been much funding from the federal government to develop this state. I was quite surprised to be told that Kota Bahru is actually the most populated city in the east coast, about half a million. And seems to me that there is definitely a lot of opportunities for growth here.

In terms of tourism, the most popular beach in Kota Bahru – Pantai Cahaya Bulan as seen in the pictures below, can be developed further. This could be a potential business for water sports activities, or a beautiful relaxing place for people to unwind in the city of Kota Bahru with half a million population.

The shops along the beach are currently restaurants, which are good for a hang out and eating place. Further development can make this a great night spot for kelantan.

I also had the chance to visit Rantau Panjang, a small town across Sungai Golok at the Thailand-Malaysia Border. This town is mainly a place where many locals would come to shop for cheap items, eg: clothing, local tidbits, home decoration, etc. It is like a Petaling Street in Kota Bahru. A place where tourist can buy some stuff back home for their family, friends & colleagues.

Joke of the day

A Police report was filed today against Seputeh MP Teresa Kok for complaining against the “dog food” that the Police gave her when they throw her in jail. The report claims she had insulted the Royal Malaysian Police and the egg, which is an essential food of the underprivileged. source

Insulted the egg??? I am not proud of this, but yes, there are idiots in Malaysia.

Being A Malaysian Badminton Supporter

I am a Malaysian Badminton Fan. Love Badminton, Love supporting my country. But I have noticed something about Malaysian Badminton Players.

1) They are talented. They work hard. They win titles.

2) They get rewarded handsomely, eg: Cash, Property, Datukship, etc.

3) They do not win titles anymore.

Example Number 1 – Malaysian Thomas Cup Team

Accomplishments: Won 1992 Thomas Cup

Reward: Prime Land, Lots of Cash, Celebrity Status

Result: No Malaysian Thomas Cup team has won the Thomas Cup since then. The badminton players who won the cup went into few years of slump after the heroic thomas cup.

Example Number 2 – Hafiz

Accomplishment: 2003 All England Champion

Reward: USD10,000 from Government, Prime Land

Result: Since his shocking victory at the 2003 All England Championship, he has only won 4 open Championships till now.

Example Number 3 – Koo Kien Kiat & Tan Boon Heong

Accomplishments: 2006 Asian Games Champion, Malaysia 2007 Super Series Champion, All England Champion, Swiss Open Super Series Champion, 2007 Denmark Super Series Champion

Reward: Loads of Cash from Head of states, Celebrity Status

Result: Besides winning 2007 Denmark Super Series, the doubles pair has yet to perform up to their superb standards in winning 4 out of 5 competitions in a row. They were a disapointment in the World Championship 2008, dissapointment in Thomas Cup 2008 & a dissapointment to 2008 Olympics.

Example Number 5 – Lee Chong Wei



Accomplishments: 5 Super Series Tittles (2007 Indo Open, 2007 Japan Open, 2007 French Open, 2008 Malaysian Open, 2008 Singapore Open) & Olympic Silver Medallist

Reward: Pension of RM3000 per month, RM300,000 lump sum cash, Datukship. Attended many public functions.

Result: Lost his Japan Super Series Title.

I watched the Japan Open final match. Chong Wei has no will to win at all. Is it because he has earned enough? Complacency? Or is he tired from all the public functions he is attending? Not enough training? I really do hope that Chong Wei does not follow the above examples.

Sigh, poor Malaysian Badminton Supporters.

Sarah Palin vs Charles Gibson!

I read an article on NST about Sarah Palin being interviewed by Charlie Gibson today, but it is only after I watched these two videos below, that I realized the extent to which Charlie has hammered Sarah Palin to ground zero. I wonder why would she even accept interviews like these that would really make her look so incompetent.

Watch them, and try counting how many times she said “Charlie”. Looks like an attempt to make her more superior?

I dont really know much about body language, but Sarah doesnt seem to be sitting upright. Does that mean something? Lack of confidence? And her using a lot of hand actions, a sign of inadequacy?  

Bush doctrine? Gotcha!

Russia invading a smaller democratic nation unprovoked?  Hmmm… My faint memory tells me that Georgia attacked South Ossetia that triggered the Russians to all these fight. No?

Been to only 4 countries in the world. Does she know where Singapore is?

For me, Charlie looked like a strict old father questioning his child, and innocent (& probably inexperience) Sarah frantically defending herself.

Now, imagine Bush as President, and Sarah as Vice-President. What will happen to this world?

Conventional Logic vs Religious Logic

Of coz this comic is biased against the Religious people. Nevertheless, the “Conventional Logic” group cannot prove the “Religion does not exist” notion either eh?

Anyway, I quite like this comment below:

It assumes that sight is the ultimate reality. Even all the senses put together is a mere perception (portion) of the real. Conventional logic can only go so far based on what information is given to it.

P.A.S.S. – Recycling for Charity!

Snaped this picture of these people doing recycling for charity at Taman Megah, Malaysia!

I guess the awareness for recycling amongst our society (Malaysia & Singapore) is quite prominent, especially with all the ‘brain-washing’ during schooling days and the tv ads.

But of course, to translate these awareness into ‘green-action’, requires a favourable environment to do so. And thanks to P.A.S.S. who has volunteers to collect recycleble rubbish from the public, they provide a channel for people whom wants to be environmentally friendly to dispose their rubbish to the appropriate people who does recycling. Kudos P.A.S.S!!! Keep up the good work! For more info of P.A.S.S. click here.

Co-incidentally, there were reporters from ASTRO AEC doing a story on this recycling activity. And I got interviewed! You might see me on TV sometime!