Graffiti in Pasar Seni LRT Station

I have recently visited Kuala Lumpur and some of the graffiti on the walls got very interesting. In fact, in my opinion, (forgetting the fact that this might be illegal) some of them are pretty well done. Also, I am not sure, maybe there could be some hidden meaning behind the graffiti? Maybe the ‘artist’ is trying to communicate a message to the masses?

 Direct Translation: “Live without weapons”

Direct Translation: ‘Increase salary, not weapons’

Direct Translatoin: ‘As long as it is not UMNO. Pak Lah (Prime Minister) & Najib (Deputy), we do not need submarines, fighter jets…’ Signed off as people of Malaysia.


Half Full or Half Empty?

Some psychologist tried to judge a person’s level of optimism in life by the answer a person give to this question. If this question is new, find out more on how to interpret a person’s answer, check it out here.

I have encountered many occasions when my mind tells me that the glass is half empty. However, to ease the pain/sadness, I spent time to convince myself that the glass is half filled instead. Hence, spending lots of time focusing on a specific glass of (filled/empty) water.

My pathernal grandmother is fighting the final stage of cancer. Looking at death in the eyes, many things become irrelevant. It reminded me that life is previous, and sometimes it does not matter whether the glass is half full or half empty. It is irrelevant. 

Steve Jobs looks into the mirror everyday and asks himself the ‘cliche’ question, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

I say, when the glass is bothering you, ask, “If today were the last day of my life, would I even bother whether this glass is half full or half empty?”

If, most of the time, the answer is yes, then I believe I am on the right track.

Just a “revelation” during this difficult time.

Largest Swiss Army Knife

Plier, cock opener, alen key, scissocrs, nail cutter, compass, hook, different shapes of knife, filer, screwdriver, etc.

Dubbed the largest Swiss Army Knife of the world with 109 features and 85 gadgets…  *drumrole*

“The Wenger Giant Knife!!!”

One review said, ” This is simultaneouly awesome and retarded.”

Would you carry this huge thing around?

How is Management related to Employees?