Visiting the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

It is such a pity I only have less than a day to spend in the Rocky Mountains. This place offers so many breathtaking sceneries, a good scenic drive and some great hiking opportunities.

For potential visitors, I recommend that you take Highway 34 and enter the Rocky Mountains National Park via the Grand Lake. This route gives a very relaxing and scenic drive.

Here is a picture taken along Highway 34. There is a part where you will drive up the mountains, where this picture is taken. Very nice view along the way.

Here is a picture taken at the Grand Lake Entrance, along Highway 34. In fact, for those who enjoy water sports, here is the Arapaho National Recreational Area.

Here is a picture of a wildlife spoted along the Rocky Mountain Trail Ridge Road.

And for those who love hiking, I was told that Timber Lake trail offers a great scenery of Timber Lake with the Rocky Mountains behind it. However, this trail requires preparation. For those who are interested in this trail, you can refer to the picture above.

Especially if you are trailing the Timber Lake Trail during the May/June season, there are thick layers of ice along the trails a lot as thick as 3 feet. Also, there are no clear signs. A compass is essential. For the record, we did not make it. We got lost half way & our shoes are soaked with ice and icy water.

Driving along the Trail Ridge Road will bring you to the Alpine Visitor Center. This is a “Must Stop” place along the road. The above is a picture taken at the vistor center.

From the Alpine Visitor Center, you can do the Alpine Ridge Trail. And I would call this a “must-do” trail. Above picture shows the trail. This trail will lead you to the peak of 12000 ft above sea level! Not too difficult but very rewarding trail.

All in all, I would recommend at least 2 days at the Rocky Mountains. 1 full day could be spent to do the above. And another day could be spent on the other trails at the Moraine Park and Bear Lake area, like the Fern Lake Trail & Flattop Mountain Trail. These trails promises challenging trails & fantastic scenery. I really wish I have time to do this. Also, the Estes Park is a very touristic town which we just drove past. You can probably spend a good day at the Estes Park too. There are simply too many things to do and see at the Rocky Mountains. Anyway, below are some more pictures. Enjoy!


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