Save Suffiah Programme

“Sufiah Yusof, a child protigy-turned-prostitute, entered Oxford University at age 13, led a trouble life that she blamed on physical and emotional abuse by her parents.”

Education, being a process of learning which is intended to bring wisdom through learning with fun and joy, often end up creating fear & anxiety amongst young minds – of failing to meet expectations in examinations. In some cases, Education focuses so much on acheiving academic progression, that it could even deprive emotional and social development (which I believe should be part of Education). And of course, Parenting is a big pillar of Education. And Suffiah’s case is indeed a sad story in Education and Parenting.   

Another interesting event following Suffiah’s tragedy is this.

Minister in the (Malaysian) Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Dr Zahid Hamidi said they would help the gifted girl return to the right path through the “Save Sufiah Programme”.

One Blogger finds this very amuzing, and commented :”Why do we focus more on someone who’s in Piccadilly Square when we should be focused more on people on Chow Kit Road?”

To me, this seems like another attempt from the Malaysian Government to showcase the Malaysia Boleh Spirit, by engaging in “high-profile activities” that will leave everyone else in awe. One classic example is: Having a Malaysian Astronaut into outer space (at the cost of RM105 million). How about “Save Suffiah Programme”? How does all these bring value to the Malaysian society?

How about spending tax-payers money to improve Malaysia’s infrastruture? Building more schools? Provide more scholarships to more young talented Malaysians regardless of race and religion?

Well, can the Malaysian Government Officials do better?


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