ACJC Fun O Rama 2008

Fun O Rama, is a Fun Fair held by ACJC Students once in 2 years. Basically it is a one day event where students set up game stalls, haunted houses, food stalls and AC gifts stalls to raise funds for the school. During my year, my class managed 6k if I am not wrong. Cannot really remember the numbers.  

The above picture is the traditional Dunking Machine! And the Principal is ready to be DUNKED!

Check out the Crowd! I have been to 4 Fun O Ramas, and they have all been crowded. Thank goodness it did not rain, at least when I was there. I wish I could go up to one of the classrooms and take a photo to have a birds eye view of the crowd.

Fun O Rama is also about meeting up with old friends. Manage to catch up with lots of my ex-class mates, found out that one of them is getting married! Joel, my best wishes to you and your future wife!  

Also met up with my room mates in Boarding School. One of them is MediaCorp Artist Nat Ho! He is my room mate when I was Sec 2. A very humble and down-to-earth guy.

Anyway, it was a great day of catching up with my old friends. On top of that, reminicing those good old days! I do miss school! Thinking back of those days, even as I was very active in competitive Squash, but I really hope I have done more CCAs, like trying out drama and choir. <deep sigh> 

And as the famous ACS saying goes,



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