Porter Ellett – The one arm Basketball Player

This story is about character, determination & the attitude of a champion.

Porter Ellett lost his right arm in an accident when he was a young boy.  He helped his school win a state title in baseball and is now leading the basketball team in the playoffs. From his previous match, he has 16 of his team’s 50 points, with steals, rebounds and a blocked shot. His coach, Kade Morrell, calls him a natural leader for the team.” source

From the video (you can watch it from here), you can see a steal followed by a lay-up, with JUST ONE ARM!! It is really inspiring to see someone fighting and rising above ‘dis-ability’ with such character and at such age – showing that with enough character and determination, anyone can be a champion! 

Hats off to you, Mr Ellett!


4 Responses

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  3. Porter used to be the coolest guy until about a year ago. he started getting a big head about how “cool” he was. at school he acted like he was the best and he was rude to people when he had no reason to be. he was supposed to be a good guy and he treated people like crap!

  4. that is a lie lou he did notget a big head he didnt even like all of the attention i would know i am his sister

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