Stop and Think

Am I ‘Alive’?

Am I living someone else’s life?

What I am writing now, has been discussed by many people, and there has been many great literature published on this topic. My personal favorites are Steven Covey’s Seven Habits, Steve Job’s Stay Hungry & Stay Foolish, and more recently Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture.

Why Stop and Think?

I have read Seven Habit’s 4 years ago. I experienced the ‘paradigm shift’. Around the same period of time, I read Steve Job’s Stay Hungry & Stay Foolish speech. I knew I had to find what I love to do.

4 years later, which is now, I realize that 7 habits had positive impact over my past 4 years, but no where near how I envisioned it to be. And I am no where close, and does not seem to be moving closer to living my ideal life. What is going on?

I have short term goals (Fulfill my obligations as an employee, Financial Goals, etc) and I work hard towards them. These short term goals; are they society’s expectation of me, or is it truly what I want in life? I do get confused sometimes. Quoting from 7 habits, we can be very efficient, but not effective. I can be climbing a ladder very fast, but does this ladder get me to where I truly want to go?

I guess most of us live in an environment where we are constantly striving to live up to the expectation of our society, family and friends. We have been trained to do that since young. We are so busy fulfilling these expectations that we forget to look inside. What are my expectations for myself? What do I want to do with my time on earth?

I was talking to my friend the other day, catching up with each others lives. It suddenly hit me that I knew (with some certainty) where my life’s goal post is, but I am not running towards it. Its frightening to know that I am currently moving along with the flow. Even more frightening, this flow will not bring me any nearer to my goal post. The further I move, I realize it is going to be tougher for me to get out of the flow, and to live life the way I want to do it. And it really hit me pretty hard. Wake up Sunbear!

So, this post is written and posted to constantly remind myself:

Before I continue being effecient, Stop & Think! Be Effective!

And I hope this post will prevent others from falling into the same trap I am falling into, because it is always easy to live in comfort zone, and to follow the flow.


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