Singapore Drumline @ Orchard Road

I stumbled upon a group of Youths performing “Drumline” at Orchard Road today. (I have not been to Orchard for a long long time.)

I really loved their performance a lot. Seeing a group of Youth performing with such enthusiasm and joy, the performance really make Orchard Road alive! It sought of brigten up the mood , and like the ministers say, “making Singapore a Vibrant City!” 

And suddenly I had the urge to clap & “samba” dance too. I guess its the joy of watching a group of happy and lively young people who enjoys performing, and at the same time bringing joy to the people around them! If anyone of you guys are reading this, and are on a recruitment drive, please drop me a message! =)

I asked one of the lovely ladies who played the “lots of high hat-like instrument” standing on the far left of the video about the band name. She said something like “Siambiesta”, but unfortunately I cannot find you guys on the internet. Maybe I heard the name of the band wrongly?


2 Responses

  1. hi… stumbled across your blog quite by accident. the group in the video is called samba masala and they’re from smu. just fyi…

  2. Thanks dot for the info!

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