Valentines Day Special

Valentines Day is a highly commercialized day where people tend to spend a lot of $$$ blindly. I came across 2 stories of people spending A LOT of $$$ during Valentines day this year – for a marriage proposal:

First one: An advertising executive spent RM54,000 (USD16,756) on a marriage proposal which included a billboard (RM40,000) and a diamond ring (RM14,000). My personal comments (I might be wrong) are: this man is either financially illiterate and/or stupidly wealthy. 


Second one: A man proposed during NBA half time game (Rockets vs. Kings) in the MIDDLE of the court one day before Valentines Day. Watch the video here.

I wonder how much that would cost him. But it certainly takes a lot bravery to do that and probably cost him quite some ego too. Obviously, it didn’t end very well.  

One important lesson I learn from this: If you plan on an elaborate proposal, please make sure you know the answer! 


2 Responses

  1. I suppose that’s why he’s an advertising executive…

  2. Maybe his supplier is himself? Hmmm…

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