Autism & Carly

This is a story of discovery & love.

Carly is currently a 13 year old, diagnosed with autism at a very young age. Through lots of patience & love from her parents & doctors, Carly has developed the ability to communicate through typing her thoughts onto the computer.

Her ability to communicate reveals to her parents (and the world) the beautiful mind within this young lady.

She describes what is it like to have autism and why she keeps making wierd noises and keep hitting herself.  She said: “It feels like my legs are on fire and a million ants are crawling up my arms,” 

*WoW* This really puts things into perspective for me, and to recognise the pain that Autistic people are going through. I can imagine how unbearable that can be and it certainly reminds me all the things that I take for granted everyday.

Carly also has expressed her frustration about her condition and about how the world misunderstands her.

“It is hard to be autistic because no one understands me. People look at me and assume I am dumb because I can’t talk, or I act differently than them… I think people get scared with things that look or seem different than them. It feels hard. It feels like being in a room with the stereo on full blast.”

At the age of 13 with authism, she is able to express herself with such understanding of herself and the people around her, *salute* To me, it is a discovery of a beautiful mind, and her parents should be very proud. Story Behind the Scenery sincerely wishes Carly & Family a great life ahead, and hope this story inspire others (family affected by autism or not) to live a great life.

*Note* According to wiki, 1 out of 1000 children are diagnosed with Autism. That is certainly a shockingly high percentage. 


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