Abdullah Badawi: “I work very hard. I really mean it and you know it.”

The Malaysian Cabinet is just been dissolved, and let the Election Frenzy Begin.

With reference to the title of this post, it was taken from a newspaper report. Please refer to the video below for a different perspective.

Personally, as a voter, I have a few concerns.

1. Crime Rate – now at the highest Crime Rate in Malaysia’s History: Crime Rate Index 2007 – >200K barrier. This affects the economy, and most importantly ordinary Malaysian citizens. A few months back, a robber had a ‘parang’ swinging at my uncles neck. Luckily, he threw his wallet and ran away. Yes, this is my top concern.

2. Education – What is the government doing for the next generation of Malaysians? Teachers in Malaysia are not paid competitive salary and I hear stories of many teachers chosing this profession for the wrong reasons (cannot qualify for other jobs etc). The government is pumping $$$ to upgrade schools (computers etc.), but these are the hardware. How about training Inspirational Teachers? With poor education quality, how will the next generation of Malaysians be able to face the challenges of globalization, etc.? Will this lead to more drop outs, which in turn encourage crime rate?

3. Leadership – Racist MPs & Incapable MPs making senseless remarks & arguments(like this, this, this) during parliament meetings drive me crazy. I cannot picture a nation ran by these un-educated and un-refined people. By then again, looking at the nation, we are not in very good shape. This article compares the education received by Malaysian Ministers and Singapore Ministers. Are there better people who can(or want to) run this country?

4. Brain Drain – There are a significant number of talented Malaysians working outside Malaysia, and they are not intending to return (No Pull factor). If the nation aspires to move forward, we need to recognise Brain Drain & it being a serious problem to the nation’s future. Singapore, which has been pulling in talents from China, India, (ironically) Malaysia, etc, recognise they have this problem (to my surprise).

It is my hope that these issues will be central point of this elections, and hopefully the elected leaders will take on responsibility to address the above issues. All in all, I believe an interesting elections is coming ahead. So, let the elections begin!


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