Transgender Toilets

CNN Morning Express with Robin Meade today had a report on a group of law-makers discussing on a law regarding Transgender Toilets. This got my attention quite a bit. So, if we have a transgender, which toilet does he/she goto? Are the toilets today discrimination against (transgender) sex?

Looking from the perspective of a transgender, he/she should be given the choice of which toilet he/she can use, depending on whether he/she feels manly or womanly at that time? Hmm… Interesting.

Looking from another perspective, will it be offensive to the non-transgenders to have transgender with the opposite body parts to be using the same toilet, eg. a transgender with male body parts using a female toilet?

When more cities, states, countries have started to accept Transgenders, the society certainly are doing something to the toilet law. Interesting! I certainly look forward to see how this law will go.


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