Students PAID to come to class!

I believe in Education – It determines who you are & what you are going to do in life. On a larger scale, the country’s Education system determines the future of the country.

But, to the extent of paying students to come for classes, *WOW*, this really blows me away.

Two schools in Georgia USA are running a 15 week pilot program – “Learn and Earn“. It bribes underperforming students to come to class to learn math and science. For 4 hours a week, these students will be paid by the hour – $8 per hour. And if they perform well in their exams, they will get a “job” bonus of up to $125!  *stunned*

But of course, lets take a step back and look at other education systems. In Singapore, the government celebrate meritocracy. Generally, the population believes that if you distinguish yourself through the education system(which highly examination based), you will do very well (earn more $) in the public sector. So, is this in a way similar to “Learn and Earn”?

Just a food for thought! =)


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