Recession! 50 – 60% market decline?


Are there still people who believe that we are not going into a recession yet?

This video compiles the part of the sequence of events leading to our current US economic state. It is interestingly compiled in a movie format which has captured my attention for a while… until our “Lead Actor” appears. 

What strikes me?

1. David Tice:”We think that the market can decline 50-60%” over the next two years!” That was said on 8 April 2007.  That time, the Dow Index was 12,600 which later grew to 14,000 plus Octotober 07. Today the Dow is 11,971.19. If David is right, we have another 6000 more points to drop!!! *WOW* How can that be true?

2. Impressive “Gladiator-like” movie, until “Lead Actor” Ron Paul appears! and turned this nicely edited and informatic “movie” clip into a Political Campaign. Politics aside, I appreciate and believe in most of the content of this video. Love the editing.

3. Ron Paul: “If you don’t deal with the (crashing) dollar, there will not be any retirement for anybody. We are gonna have CHAOS!!!” Is he refering to civil unrest? revolutions? world war?


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