Terror in War on Terror

I just saw this clip from Youtube, published slightly less than a year ago. It is saddening to see innocent lives living in terror in this War on Terror.

This video shows American Soldiers doing house raids based on information from “Intelligence” to capture the terrorists hiding amongst the civilians. During the 1950s when the Malaysians were fighting against the Communist, the British approached this problem by winning the hearts & minds of the peopele. I dont think sending soldiers to knock down doors in the middle of the night & terrorizing civilian lives helps.

I am not establishing my political view through this post but I do feel bad for those innocent people’s lives who are affected.

Will these actions create more hatred amongst the Iraqis towards the Americans? And will this provoke more attacks? If yes, when will all this end? And the famous saying goes, when there is war, the civilians suffer. 

This is a very creative article, where the author tries to put himself in the Iraqis shoes. Its a fictional story of the future where China invades America, drawing close parallels to the current American invasion of Iraq, and how he ended up being a “freedom fighter” a.k.a. “terrorist” for America.

Quite a sad state of the world huh? So how do we end all this? To protect America & the World from Terrorist, and win the “War on Terror”? This is probably a trillion dollar question (opportunity cost of $ spend on war), with possibly a close to non-existence answer of hope. And hope, as the Architect of the Matrix puts it, ‘is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness’.

Can we prevail?


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