Anwar Ibrahim on Facebook

How do you get votes from Internet Savy youngsters in Malaysia?

Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s former deputy prime ministor has a solution for that – Make Friends in Facebook, Friendster & Myspace Accounts.

I was pretty amused when I found out about this. I immediatly searched him up and added him on my Facebook list just to join the other 1400 odd (does not mean that I am voting for him, vice-versa)

Well, this begs the question: Are politicians desperate to seek approval from the internet-savy voters (mostly young voters)? Are politicians trying to be relevant in young voters daily lives?

That sounds familiar. Last year, Singapore Ministers, to connect with the youth, danced hip hop for a street parade! I believe that did became relevant to some internet-savy people, as we talk and laugh about it.

But are internet-savy users convinced by “hip” politicians using funky words like “jude“?

Lets see how far this one will go. 😉    


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