Counting 1 to 100. How were you, and how will you be?

Just saw this interesting video (though it was uploaded about 5 months ago in youtube already). It shows people banging drums in the order of their age from 1 to 100.

The first 25 drums kinda reminds me that those days have already passed me. And *wow* time really flies. For some reasons, when I watch the video again, I tend to pay more attention to the people beyond 60 (Could be becoz of my fear of reaching that age). Those that caught my attention are: 85, 89, 91.  From the mere seconds of video footage, I can somehow still feel their zest for life at their age, which is admirable.

This reminded me of a comment made by Lee Kuan Yew a few days back. “The biggest mistake one can make is to retire and not stay mentally and physically active”. Although this could be a form of propoganda to convince Singaporeans to work longer (so that government can get more cpf $,  retired people will hav more $ and less dependent on government, etc) , it certainly make some sense. And I do wish that at that age, I could still be active to enjoy my family and friends. 


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