US Recession Inevitable?

Just saw some videos on Youtube. Got me very curious.

Basically they are saying that something ‘Big’ is going to happen. Recession is inevitable. It is just a matter of time. And the longer it is delayed, the worse it will be.

That means that, Americans, in the near future, will find it very difficult to afford the kind of lifestyle they are living now: Medicare Program, Social Security, Education, Big Trucks, Texas Size food, Air Condition, Plasma TV etc.

What happens when there is not enough $$$ to fight terrorism? What happens when there is not enough money for social security? Will there be a massive protesting? Will it even cause Global instability in terms of chaos and instability? (exaggerating a little bit)

This video makes thing seems so serious. Is US really in that much trouble? I start to wonder, Is this video for real? Or is this all just a Political Propaganda for Ron Paul?

Anyway, I did not really understood what David Walker said initially, this video below helped a little bit. 

Dave Walker:  “This is not just about numbers. This is about values and people” Looks like future Americans will be having a tough time.

How about the rest of the world?

The video below suggests major realignment of global living standards. In the past, foreigners flock to America in search for better opportunities and better living standards. They earn the Dollar and send some home where it is worth more, and hence giving their families at home a higher purchasing power, hence better living standards.

Will this phenomenon be reversed? Will this lead to brain drain? If this would happen, 100 years from now, this will definitely be a big chapter in our history books.

Of course we do not know how credible these sources are, but better to be prepared for the worst than waiting for the worst to come right? And the temptation to start purchasing Gold Grows!


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