Bill’s Last Day at Microsoft

Bill Gates has been quite a topic the past few days. Not for the billions of dollars he is still making, but more about his last day in Microsoft. He is leaving his office to work full time for his charity foundation. Here is the story.


I especially like the part when he said he got some of his “friends” together to make a video. “Friends” like Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Jay-Z etc. The part with Barack Obama and Al Gore is really hillarious.

My friend had a chat with me the other day on Bill Gates’ last day: Wondering how it feels to retire from something that he has been with all his life. It is like completely letting go something that you have created and came to love so much. How could one bear (ren3 xin1) to do so?

Looking at what he has done to the world, and what he is planning to do to the world, you got to take your hat off for this man. Browsing through this website, I am convinced that his foundation is definitely going to have great impact, on a global scale.  

Well, seems like this is a man who is on top of the Maslow’s Hierarchy, in search for self-actualization: Trying to channel his assets, BOTH his money and his energy, to change the world to a better place, as much as he can through his new job in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

I wonder how does it feel, to know that all your work & actions are actually benefiting lives at a Global Scale, and giving millions of unfortunate people a chance to live a better life. For some reason, I believe that must be one of the best feelings a human being could experience. I guess there must be a reason why Bill Gates could give up Microsoft. 

But how about those who are still working with the lower levels of the Maslow’s Hierarchy? Is there a way where we could experience these feelings? The great feeling of contributing to the rest of man kind, knowing that your existence has made millions of others live better? Hmmm… How about thousands? Or hundreds? Or tens?  Will that kind of feeling “de-magnified” proportionally?

Devoting your assets (time & money) to charity while struggling up the Maslow’s Ladder, to me, is not an easy task. Hmm, but definitely worth putting some thought into it!!! =)


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