*Beep* Your Food is ready for Collection


I had lunch in a restaurant today, where restaurant pagers were given to customers when they have ordered and paid for their food. These restaurant pagers then alerts the customers when the food is ready, when the customer will then go and collect their food at the counter. Above, is the picture of my pager vibrating. No noise, just vibrating.

1. Restaurant do not need to hire so many waiters/waitresses. The capacity of the restaurant is 100. Only 3 cooks, 2 cashiers, 2 table cleaners & 1 boss. During lunch, it was more than 70% occupied.

2. Customers can sit and wait instead of standing around like the fast food centres. No long waiting queues!

3. Restaurant do not need to spend effort to remember which customer order what. Error Proofing!

On top of this, restaurants which require a long wait time, can actually use restaurant pagers to page customers when the table and/or food is ready. This way, restaurant pagers help to (quoted from www.pager.net)

1. Maintain a quieter atmosphere by eliminating overhead paging

2. Locate guests quickly -> Decrease table turn time

3. Minimize Wait Time

4. Give guests the freedom to roam around the shopping mall/places around.

I believe, this system will work pretty well with very popular restaurants(long queues), and when the food needs a long waiting time. Also, the price range of the food should not expect service to the table. Dim Sum Restaurant? Zhi Cha restaurant? I havent seen this being used in Singapore or Malaysia yet. I wonder whether it would be an economically profitable investment. Furthermore, this can be part of a marketing campaign – the ‘cool’ or ‘IN’ thing.


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