Edison did WHAT???

I just read an article from reddit.com which changed my impression of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb and record holder of 1093 patents held in America.

What Happened?

AC power posed an immediate danger to Edison’s own invention: DC power distribution system. To demonstrate the “dangers” of AC Power, Edison used a 6600V AC power to electrocute an elephant.

To cut the whole story short,

Zoo Official: Topsy (the elephant), you have killed 3 handlers in 3 years. We hereby sentence you to death!

SPCA: You cannot hang an animal. That is cruel!

Edison: AC power can kill an elephant in split seconds!

Topsy: Don’t Tase Me, Bro! I didn’t do anything!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … Topsy was killed instantly.

Edison: See! AC power is Dangerous! Ban AC! Use Edison’s DC power Station!

As I read deeper into what happened during the War of Currents, I came to recognize another great inventor, possibly greater than Thomas Edison. He is Nikola Tesla. 

Thomas Edison, like my Primary School Text Books have told me, was a very hardworking & determined guy (only 1% inspiration but 99% of perspiration) But Edison, knowing that Tesla’s AC power transmission theory is better than his, did not want Tesla disrupting him from earning big bucks. So came Edison kidnapping and killing animals using AC shocks to instill fear. Also, Edison humilated Tesla so much so that Tesla’s genious was not recognized by the public.

Suddenly, my respect level for Edison dropped (though he is still a great inventor). As for Tesla, he is truly a genius and gifted Electrical Engineer. More importantly, he destroyed the contract that could made him a billionaire, to fulfill his dream to have cheap AC electric available to all people. Respect!!!

Just wondering, why does school textbooks teach us so much on Edison relative to Tesla.


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