Adventures @ The Big Bend

4 days of Christmas holidays. A good time to explore America!

Plan A – Drive to Florida from Houston (Disneyland & Daytona Beach): 20 Hours one way.

After doing a Hazard Analysis & Risk Control on Plan A, we have decided that our risk mitigation measures were insufficient for us to achieve a safe and fulfilling trip. So, we switched to Plan B – Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend National Park is 631 miles from Houston, about 9.5 hours drives. Far enough for a good fun drive on a Hyundai Sonata with some good music, and near enough to drive safely.


I find difficulties in uploading the photos, need to resize and upload individually to the webpage etc. So, I have them all in a pdf file together with some comments. Enjoy!



-Special Thanks to my “brothers” Wong & Stone, who made this a great trip!-


One Response

  1. Very good pictures bro, maybe you should venture into photography in your free time too? 🙂

    Am glad that stays in UK and US has widen your horizons and experience. Keep writing, you’re quite good at it!

    Love you bro!

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