Bush’s Last State of the Union

A picture paint a thousand words. The cartoon below shows us what Bush has done to the USA. 

Before and after the speech, Bush was caught on tv walking around shaking hands, hugging and even kissing the people around him. He called people nicknames in his usual ‘joker’ character, making fun of others and himself as well.

Imagine, if you are an alien looking down on earth, searching for the most powerful man on earth, and you found George Bush. “Man! What on ‘earth’ is going on here!”

When asked, “Will you be back here next year?”

Bush said, “I doubt so”

Yeah, me too.


Transgender Toilets

CNN Morning Express with Robin Meade today had a report on a group of law-makers discussing on a law regarding Transgender Toilets. This got my attention quite a bit. So, if we have a transgender, which toilet does he/she goto? Are the toilets today discrimination against (transgender) sex?

Looking from the perspective of a transgender, he/she should be given the choice of which toilet he/she can use, depending on whether he/she feels manly or womanly at that time? Hmm… Interesting.

Looking from another perspective, will it be offensive to the non-transgenders to have transgender with the opposite body parts to be using the same toilet, eg. a transgender with male body parts using a female toilet?

When more cities, states, countries have started to accept Transgenders, the society certainly are doing something to the toilet law. Interesting! I certainly look forward to see how this law will go.

“I’d like to start a religion. That’s where the money is!”

Those were the words of L. Ron Hubbard, who wrote Dianetics and founded the religion – Scientology.

Lets talk about making money. Since the Chinese started using papermoney as a form of currency, money became a medium of exchange for goods and services that people need. Here are 2 examples: When the Intel 8088 microprocessor needed an operating system, a young engineer (who is currently the richest man on earth) made some money for writing the Dirty Operating System (DOS). When you need a cool looking gadget that plays all your music and mp3s, Apple made some money for the IPOD that you paid for.

When you need “something” that can provide you with widely accepted moral values, peace of mind, hope, psychological healing, faith for a better tomorrow, etc. are you willing to exchange money for this?

From my observation, there are people who are willing to do so. I realize that people who subsribe to whichever religion, some have to pay regular subscription fees (a percentage of your take home salary). Others, knowingly or non-knowingly, are donating money to the organizations that provide religious services. Of course there are others who do not pay too.

But when you read the title of this post again, which implies creating a profitable business by starting a religion, it sounds riddiculous. Or does it?

Religion is either a subset of Nature or vice versa, meaning either one created the other, unless if both are mutually exclusive systems(I have yet to find any literature to support this case). In all cases, lets take religion as an entity. When an organization take this entity and add “value” to this entity, such as conducting Sunday schools, religious camps, etc. theoretically this valued entity can be exchanged for money. And if the demand for such valued entity is higher than the supply, this presents an opportunity for the organization to earn money. Just like, when the world has a demand for an operating system for their computers, companies that are able to supply Windows XP has an opportunity to profit from it.

Profitting from religion, is that ethical?

Imagine if the world’s oxygen suddenly vanished. If Sunbear Inc. is able to provide oxygen, should Sunbear Inc. charge the people for breathing the oxygen that the company provides? Yes, enough for Sunbear Inc to continue creating oxygen to sustain life on earth. How about more than that?

Another food for thought:

Why some religious organizations are offering their services for free while others are charging money? Has it got to do with supply and demand?

Students PAID to come to class!

I believe in Education – It determines who you are & what you are going to do in life. On a larger scale, the country’s Education system determines the future of the country.

But, to the extent of paying students to come for classes, *WOW*, this really blows me away.

Two schools in Georgia USA are running a 15 week pilot program – “Learn and Earn“. It bribes underperforming students to come to class to learn math and science. For 4 hours a week, these students will be paid by the hour – $8 per hour. And if they perform well in their exams, they will get a “job” bonus of up to $125!  *stunned*

But of course, lets take a step back and look at other education systems. In Singapore, the government celebrate meritocracy. Generally, the population believes that if you distinguish yourself through the education system(which highly examination based), you will do very well (earn more $) in the public sector. So, is this in a way similar to “Learn and Earn”?

Just a food for thought! =)

Recession! 50 – 60% market decline?


Are there still people who believe that we are not going into a recession yet?

This video compiles the part of the sequence of events leading to our current US economic state. It is interestingly compiled in a movie format which has captured my attention for a while… until our “Lead Actor” appears. 

What strikes me?

1. David Tice:”We think that the market can decline 50-60%” over the next two years!” That was said on 8 April 2007.  That time, the Dow Index was 12,600 which later grew to 14,000 plus Octotober 07. Today the Dow is 11,971.19. If David is right, we have another 6000 more points to drop!!! *WOW* How can that be true?

2. Impressive “Gladiator-like” movie, until “Lead Actor” Ron Paul appears! and turned this nicely edited and informatic “movie” clip into a Political Campaign. Politics aside, I appreciate and believe in most of the content of this video. Love the editing.

3. Ron Paul: “If you don’t deal with the (crashing) dollar, there will not be any retirement for anybody. We are gonna have CHAOS!!!” Is he refering to civil unrest? revolutions? world war?

Terror in War on Terror

I just saw this clip from Youtube, published slightly less than a year ago. It is saddening to see innocent lives living in terror in this War on Terror.

This video shows American Soldiers doing house raids based on information from “Intelligence” to capture the terrorists hiding amongst the civilians. During the 1950s when the Malaysians were fighting against the Communist, the British approached this problem by winning the hearts & minds of the peopele. I dont think sending soldiers to knock down doors in the middle of the night & terrorizing civilian lives helps.

I am not establishing my political view through this post but I do feel bad for those innocent people’s lives who are affected.

Will these actions create more hatred amongst the Iraqis towards the Americans? And will this provoke more attacks? If yes, when will all this end? And the famous saying goes, when there is war, the civilians suffer. 

This is a very creative article, where the author tries to put himself in the Iraqis shoes. Its a fictional story of the future where China invades America, drawing close parallels to the current American invasion of Iraq, and how he ended up being a “freedom fighter” a.k.a. “terrorist” for America.

Quite a sad state of the world huh? So how do we end all this? To protect America & the World from Terrorist, and win the “War on Terror”? This is probably a trillion dollar question (opportunity cost of $ spend on war), with possibly a close to non-existence answer of hope. And hope, as the Architect of the Matrix puts it, ‘is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness’.

Can we prevail?

Schlumberger cutting jobs in North America

“Slum-ber-jay”, some pronounce it as “Sloom-burger”.

Schlumberger is the world’s leading oil field services company. In mid Oct 2007, SLB stocks were >$110. Today, it went as low as $72.30. A spokesman said on Tuesday that Schlumberger is cutting an unspecified number of North American employees due to slowing demand for oilfield services. Some speculate whether the cuts will affect other employees in the Houston area. How about the others around the world?

Recession in the US is inevitable! (Some Economist do not believe so though) What will happen when America’s demand for oil goes down?

Lets try speculating here. Oil prices will go down (temporary), SLB stocks will go down (temporary). Unless some technology replaces Oil (very unlikely), demand for oil in the world is unlikely to drop significantly and the drop in price is only temporary.

SLB stocks at $78, to me is a real bargain. Looking at its operations in Russia & the rest of the world as mentioned in The Stealth Oil Giant, Schlumberger is certainly set to continue to be a major force in the Oil Industry.  And in 5-6 years time when the US economy pick up from the recession, the $78 stock today is most likely gonna be worth significantly more than that.

What am I trying to say? Invest in SLB Stocks with a 5-6 year time horizon!

Why am I talking about it and doing nothing? Haha… it costs about US$78000 to own a lot of SLB stock. Does anyone know whether we could buy 0.1 or 0.05 lot instead?

From the above, you will find out that I am a rookie in trading stocks. Please do not trade stocks based on this post. I will not be responsibly for any gain/loses made. 😉